JBL Endurance Jump review: Good for a run outside


Recently, HARMAN International presented their new line of games earphones in India. The new line called JBL Endurance earphones comprises of four items – JBL Endurance Run, which is estimated at Rs 1,599, JBL Endurance Sprint, which is evaluated at Rs 3,999, JBL Endurance Jump, which is accessible for Rs 4,799, and JBL Endurance Dive, which is accessible for Rs 6,999. The organization’s new games earphones are accessible for buy at JBL’s e-shop, and at different on the web and retail locations the nation over.

As a major aspect of this survey, I utilized the Black shading variation of JBL Endurance Jump. It is additionally accessible in a couple of perky hues, for example, blue, greenish blue, yellow and red.

Continuance Jump is a straightforward and practical looking gadget. While the perky shades do add a touch of bling to the general character of the earphones, by and large outline and shading design is inconspicuous and guarantees that the item doesn’t look pretentious.

With regards to execution, Endurance Jump earphones are a better than average sprinter and they perform well when utilized at ideal volume levels. In spite of the fact that they are marginally twisted towards the higher recurrence extend, they come stacked with highlights like touch-delicate controls, which are special in this value run. They additionally sport a battery sparing component, which guarantees that no drop of that juice goes squander. To the extent the sound is concerned, it is noisy and clear.

Be that as it may, there are territories where Endurance Jump could have been something more. For instance, the music, which sounds wonderful regardless of being tuned to the highs at ideal volume levels, can sound piece cruel at higher volume levels. More on this in a while.


They say accommodation and solace don’t go as an inseparable unit. Be that as it may, JBL Endurance Jump appears to oppose this run, as it is both agreeable to wear and helpful to utilize. The outline, albeit tasteless, is novel enough because of the state of Endurance Jump ear buds. It guarantees the Endurance Jump doesn’t look like many different headphones with conventional plan in this value range.The shell of Endurance Jump is made of a rubbery material, which makes it impervious to light rain and sweat. It likewise helps in by and large solace of the plan. The earpieces are joined to a paddle cutting edge esque structure on both the sides, which houses the battery and the controls on the correct side. The paddle cutting edge ish structure stretches out to an earband on which the earpieces rest when not being used. This structure at that point associates with the accessory joining the two closures.

Most remote earphones today have a relative long jewelry, which enables clients to get to the controls. This setup in spite of being normal is a torment to utilize inferable from the position of different controls. Continuance Jump takes care of this issue with a short necklace, which rules out the jewelry to float around the client’s neck. Rather, it accompanies contact delicate controls, which can be gotten to by a straightforward tap on the correct side of the paddle sharp edge molded structure. Tap it once to play or delay the music or answer or end a call. Tap it twice to change to the following track or drop a call, and tap it thrice to return to the past track.


To the extent the solace is worried, for most parts, JBL Endurance Jump earphones are agreeable to wear. You can wear them throughout the day and tune in to your most loved tracks without tiring your ears. The general plan is very light and you won’t feel a thing even on wearing them for quite a long time together. Actually, they are by a long shot a standout amongst the most agreeable headphones in the value run underneath 5 grand.Besides this, I observed the touch controls to be somewhat finicky. While rearranging the earpieces, I coincidentally wound up contacting the controls, which are situated on the correct fold of the earphones. As a result you either play or delay the music or more regrettable, change the track inside and out. A similar issue continues while utilizing the volume controls, all of which I found somewhat irritating.


As I said previously, Endurance Jump are not too bad with sound quality. They may not enable you to win a marathon with the sound quality that they offer yet they beyond any doubt will enable you to survive a short run. This means while they don’t offer astoundingly incredible sound however they are adequate, particularly when you are out on a run and when you are not liable to center around nuances like highs, mids and lows.In my experience, I discovered Endurance Jump featuring the highs much more than I might want them to. It got to a point to where I needed to diminish the volume underneath 50 for every penny to tune in to any tune.

I attempted an assortment of melodies like Adele’s Rolling in the Deep and Alan Walker’s Faded amid my initial morning running sessions and the issue endured. Punk Rock tunes like Avril Lavigne’s Skater Boy and Rock n Roll didn’t sound any better. Take the volume several scores up and even the easily streaming Rock Pop melody like Christina Perri’s Bang and Blues great like Robbie William’s Angel appear to pierce through the ears. By and large, the foundation clamor makes the music more tolerable.

Then again, Endurance Jump performed well while dealing with Rock numbers like Bon Jovi’s You Wanna Make A Memory and Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars. Despite the fact that the issue endured at higher volumes, at ideal volume level, the music was somewhat more passable.

With regards to execution, Endurance Jump earphones are an OK sprinter.

As far as I can tell I additionally found these earphones to need lucidity and detail. The mids were not clear enough, particularly for a couple of earphones that expense more than four thousand, and despite the fact that the bass will probably not disillusion you, its effect is damaged by and large character of the sound. The main silver covering you have is this nature of sound, which can sound somewhat exasperating in the serene indoor environment, helps in veiling a portion of the outside commotion when you are out strolling or running.

Other than that, in my experience I observed the Bluetooth to be somewhat finicky now and again. The earphones don’t effortlessly associate with the source gadget naturally on getting detached when one of the earpieces turns out and lays on the earband. You have to legitimately detach the earphones and reconnect them again so as to utilize them.


One element that emerges is the battery life. Continuance Jump accompanies a decent battery life. The battery gives a decent eight hours reinforcement when charged totally. What’s more, there is a fast charge highlight which guarantees that the clients get up to a hour of playback time when charged for 10 minutes.

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